&What is a Page?


Welcome to my Page [selected definitions] n2: I. Senses relating to a leaf or side of paper. 1. a. One side of a leaf of a book, manu- script, letter, etc.; (also) such a leaf considered as a whole, comprising both sides. page for page: preserving the original pagination; complete, unedited. b. The material written or printed on one side of a leaf of a book, etc.; an amount of text corresponding to this. Also (Computing): the quantity of text that fills a screen at any one time when a person views teletext, a computer monitor, etc. c. A regular page or column in a newspaper or magazine set aside for a particular topic. Usu. with a modifying word, as letters page, sporting page, etc. d. Computing. An electronic document containing text and/or images and viewed on-screen; a hypertext document which can be accessed by users of a network (esp. the Internet). 2. a. Printing. The type as set or made up for printing a page; (also) the format of a printed page. b. Type-founding. A parcel of new type made up by a type founder. rare. 3. Computing. A division of the main memory store of a computer, or of the data stored. II. Extended uses. 4. Writing, record; (formerly) spec. an author’s work or collected work (obs.). Also: a memorable event or episode such as would fill a page in a written history; a tableau; an instance of record. PHRASES fig. colloq. (orig. and chiefly U.S.). to be on the same page (and variants): to be working as a team; to be in agreement; to have mutual understanding. v1: 1. trans. To wait on, attend to, or follow, as or like a page. Also intr.: to act as a messenger. Obs. to page it: to act as a page. 2. trans. orig. U.S. a. To call, search for, or contact by means of a pageboy. Now hist. and rare. b. To call, search for, or contact by means of a public address system, a radio pager, etc. Page, v2: 1. trans. To paginate; to assign numbers to the pages in (a book or periodical). Freq. in pass. 2. trans. a. Printing. To make up (composed type) into pages. Obs. rare. b. Type-founding. To pack up (new type) into pages for sending out. rare. disused. 3. intr. To leaf through a book, newspaper, etc.; to read or look through the contents of a book, newspaper, etc., esp. rapidly, cursorily, or superficially. 4. intr. Computing. To process data (esp. to display text, etc.) on a screen, by paging; to move through and display text on a screen one page at a time… (Thank you, OED. More definitions emerging through accompanying “Exhibits.”)

To work with your own page, please read the instructions, download & print (double-sided) & deform one of the “Exhibits,” then contact the Undertaker to submit your deformation.

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