QR Codes

The book-form of Galerie de Difformité is filled with QR codes, or Quick Response codes, that appear like square barcodes. You can scan these black-and-white boxes with an iPhone, Android, or other camera-enabled Smartphone to enter or reenter different parts of the Galerie Web site. Depending on your mobile device, you may first need to download an app (e.g., i-nigma) to enable your reading in this manner.

If you want to add or replace QR codes within the book, download the attached labels [coming soon], cut out the QR codes, and paste them on whatever page you like. If you prefer to make new paths outside the Galerie, use a QR code generator (like this or this) to lead to alternative Web sites or digital content.

If you wish that QR codes were not part of the Galerie de Difformité–whether they seem too futuristic or already technologically obsolete–feel free to use white out, paint, stickers, or your preferred medium to cover over them. Incorporate old or new technology as you see fit.

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