Exhibit Y

Y offers you, whom nobody thought about—”

To hear Exhibit Y, click here. A full text pdf can be downloaded here. If you prefer to deform & reform a .doc, please contact the Undertaker.

“Letters to/from the Undertaker (Y)”

(submitted by Matthew John Lasnoski & Marianna Lynn Kreidler)

“ethereal transformation”

(submitted by Tzi-Ching Anica Lin)


(submitted by Julia Mayfield)

“Illustrious Spirit”

(submitted by Nonie Carson)

“Why write in nouns?”

“Pure, scientifick and illustrious Spirits”

“By degrees to deify him by transcending titles?”

(submitted by Irene Ruiz Dacal)


(submitted by Brittany Willes)

“Dear You”

(submitted by Me)

“In the beginning was my wishing”

~ to view a scrollable copy, click here ~

(submitted by Wendy Walker)

“Exhibit Y” first appeared in New American Writing. To see examples of other deformed Exhibits, visit !Home. To learn how to participate in this collaborative project, visit &About.

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