Exhibit W

W’s………, by Museum made frantic,”

To hear Exhibit W, click here. A full text pdf can be downloaded here. If you prefer to deform & reform a .doc, please contact the Undertaker.


“Dr. Green’s Resurrected Lover”

(submitted by Mitchell Hirsche)

“Letters to/from the Undertaker (W)”

(submitted by Matthew John Lasnoski & Marianna Lynn Kreidler)


(submitted by Marie Soderbergh)

“John Woods (‘Architect’)”

(submitted by Tori Henson)

“Flushing the Evidence”

(submitted by Jonathan Sricharmorn)

“Unattractive Harpie”

(submitted by Michael Smulkowski)

“A Celebration to Eating Exhibit W”

(submitted by Greg McAdams)

“The Wasteland”

(submitted by Eliot Thomas)

“Exhibit W” recently appeared in Exquisite Corpse Annual. To see examples of other deformed Exhibits, visit !Home. To learn how to participate in this collaborative project, visit &About.

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