Exhibit R

“While R is for……., that revives with dissection.”

To hear Exhibit R, click here. A full text pdf can be downloaded here. If you prefer to deform & reform a .doc, please contact the Undertaker.





(submitted by Sara Hendren)


(submitted by Kat O’Hara)

“Exhibit R through Stolen Images”

(submitted by Thomas Price, Jake Belanio, Juanita Holt, and Rocio Viramontes ~ to read more about their collaborative process, click here)

“Letters to/from the Undertaker (R)”

(submitted by Matthew John Lasnoski & Marianna Lynn Kreidler)


(submitted by Rebecca Chowdhury)


(submitted by Alexandria Neonakis)

“The Pilgrim”

(submitted by Rachel Heberling)


(submitted by Dinty W. Moore)

“Bursting petals”

(submitted by Tzi-Ching Anica Lin)


(submitted by Ayesha Akhtar)


(submitted by Kelsey Small)

“Fritillaries unfurl rigidly”

(submitted by Julia Birka-White)

“Special Collections”

(submitted by Ursula Williams)

“Stained Glass Intestinal Man”

(submitted by Nick Leland)


(submitted by Sierra & co.)

“Recycled Relics”

(submitted by E.P.A.)

“Exhibit R” first appeared in Black Warrior Review. To see examples of other deformed Exhibits, visit !Home. To learn how to participate in this collaborative project, visit &About.

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