Exhibit I

I am the Author, a rhymer erratic—”

Nice to meet you!

I hope that you’ll participate & help this gallery to grow. “Exhibit I” (changing places with “Exhibit U” in the book) masquerades here as an alternative space than the book jacket for the Author’s photo. Thus, please visit Exhibit U or return to the carousel of choices at &About to find further instructions for participation. To read my note on the project, please see “Undertaker’s Note on the Text.”


Are these images the Five Missing Portraits??


What about deformity in action??


So, deformity in action… If so, then: where can I start to look for the 5 missing portraits, here or in the book?

Another spread from the published book, including QR codes that link to the growing online Galerie.

For starters, visit page 150.


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