Exhibit B

B is for……, that swarms through the brain:”

To hear Exhibit B, click here. A full text pdf can be downloaded here. If you prefer to deform & reform a .doc, please contact the Undertaker.


(submitted by Emily Krabach)

“Letters to/from the Undertaker (B)”

(submitted by Matthew John Lasnoski & Marianna Lynn Kreidler)


(submitted by Anna Roosevelt)


(submitted by Brian Elmer)

“Wax: to grow historiated initials—greeting munc and qwhene”

(submitted by Erik Schurink)

“Exhibit B” ~ “Her Existence” ~ “She Thought”

(submitted by Kelcey Parker)

“There Suck I”

(submitted by Joshua Corey)

“until they burst out, like rain”

(submitted by Taryn Smith)

“Night Vision”

(submitted by Angie Spoto)

“electrostatic charges constricted vines entwine”

(submitted by Gret Taylor)

“Fable B”

(submitted by Jerrica Cerda)


(submitted by Ben Lundquist)


(submitted by Ameer Kahn)


(submitted by Elizabeth Brobeck)

“Bea Bangles”

(submitted by Louisa Anderson)

“Exhibit B” first appeared in Mantis: a journal of poetry and translation. To see examples of other deformed Exhibits, see !Home. To learn how to participate in this collaborative project, see &About.

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