Exhibit A

“A is for……, as if to explain,”

Bea’s beauty—and, I would add, her uncharted deformity—are left to the eye of each beholder, so the many faces of Bea, taken together, suggest what’s missing.  The seeking of Bea becomes the seeking of “we,” ever changing.  More than trying to decipher her, then, her ability to change may serve as better guide.

~ from “The Many Faces of Bea”  (a.k.a., “Exhibit A,” first published in The Kenyon Review)

To hear Exhibit A, click here. A full text pdf can be downloaded here. If you prefer to deform & reform a .doc, please contact the Undertaker.

(15th century)

(16th century)

(18th century)

(19th century)

(20th century)


(submitted by Tzi-Ching Anica Lin)

“Exhibit A Makes Pilgrimage to Beatrice’s Grave”

(thanks to Abigail Serfass)

(21st century)

“With a Compact Mirror, B. Examines Her Inked Bosom”

(submitted by José Perez Beduya)


(submitted by Eleanor Ferron)

“Letters to/from the Undertaker (A)”

(submitted by Matthew John Lasnoski & Marianna Lynn Kreidler)

“The Wrecked Names”

(submitted by Caitlin Fitzpatrick)


“The Angel of All”

(submitted by Kelsey Leach)

“Dante Reads Galerie de Difformité

(submitted by Calvin Glover)


(submitted by Sarah Zaidan)



(submitted by Nick Taylor)

*** More images of Bea coming…

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