Brief History of the Book

This project began in its earliest incarnation in 2004. Galerie de Difformité is a book that performs its history and future potential, inviting collaborative participation in the book’s / galerie’s / reader’s evolution. Books have a long and rich history as a versatile and durable technology. As this book deforms through traditional and new media, Galerie de Difformité grows between material and digital realms, participating in its small way in linking the history and future of the book, while intervening in the history of deformity.

“Exhibits” (i.e., pages) are created for Galerie de Difformité.

"Exhibits" are published in various literary journals.

“Exhibits” are published in various literary journals.

After “Exhibits” are published in journals, they join the online Galerie. The public is invited to deform “pages.”

Collaborative deformations reimagine “Exhibits” & join the online Galerie. Submissions are chosen to illustrate the book (echoing palimpsests, glossing, collage, remix, etc.).

The "book" is published! (2011)

The “book” is published! (2011)

The "book" is published (2011)

The published book includes original text, illustrated by collaborative deformations

Another spread from the published book, including choose-your-own-adventure directives.

The published book includes QR codes that link to the growing online Galerie, plus choose-your-own-adventure directives for alternative navigations and alterations. 

More swarming.

Collaborative chapbooks begin to be (dis)assembled, growing in and outside of the book.

A material & virtual library grows from the book.

Concepts of the “book” grow the Galerie de Difformité.

Deformed books are exhibited in formal displays where communities adopt the project. The online Galerie and Library continue to grow.

Alternative distributions and deformations, including being mailed as postcards and floated away as balloons

Deformed books are alternatively distributed and shared, including being mailed as postcards and floated away by balloons.

GdD appears in a tweet read upsidedown in class blog at Temple University University

GdD deforms pedagogy in varied courses (here read upsidedown in tweet for class blog at Temple University, and in the video above from Pasadena City College)

Klein_Galerie de Difformite in vending machine

Daphne Klein of NY deforms the book into a vending machine to dispense bubbled pages to new subscribers.

More to come!

To see examples of deformed Exhibits, visit !Home. To learn how to participate in this collaborative project, visit &About. To see a short film about the project, visit &Anti-trailer.

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